A Season of Partnership


Rowan (almost 4) and Murphy the dog enoying Texas December in the backyard. 

“ I had no idea how great the need is in Japan”

Since we started partnership development I’ve heard this said more times than I can count.  What a privilege to educate and invite the body of Christ into reaching Japan with the gospel.

I have a confession to make, one I would never have imagined saying three months ago: I love partnership development. (aka support-raising)

Crazy, right? Cold-calling a couple hundred people, hearing the awkwardness on the other end of the line, feeling like a salesman at times, being rejected, or worse ignored, how could I possibly enjoy this? But how many people get to catch up with old friends, share their God-given passion, and see that mission confirmed as person after person signs up to support you on this journey? Truly it’s overwhelming. It’s worth 100’s of “no’s”, exhaustion, travelling thousands of miles, and facing-off with your fear of rejection.

So yes, we might be crazy, because it’s certainly no bag of cupcakes. As intense as this stage of the missionary journey is, we plan on enjoying it as much as humanly possible.


  • Pledge Update: 43%. What an amazing week it has been! Please keep praying that we will make the 50% pledge goal by the end of the year.
  • Family Update: Ellen’s book is being reviewed by another round of agents from the writing competition she won recently, so we are praying she will receive an offer soon.
  • Prayer Update: As much as we enjoy the actual partnership meetings, the sheer quantity of them is leaving us very drained right now, so please pray for strength, spiritual protection over our family, and faithfulness.

I suspect you will see Christmas cards from us in the next few weeks, (though we still need to take the photo!).

Enjoying the Christmas lights,

Patrick & Ellen

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