Saying Goodbyes

photo courtesy of Shutterstock

I sprinted up the hill to watch the van driving away carrying my closest friends. “Goodbye!” I shouted, tears streaming down my face, not knowing if or when I would see them again. Their faces disappeared out of sight, but the emptiness remained in my fifth-grade heart. Goodbyes are a terrible thing.

A missionary’s life is filled with many goodbyes. We move often, and return to the US to visit dear friends for a brief while before saying goodbye again. People are even more transient in the mission community, with friends regularly leaving for home-assignment or relocating for new ministry opportunities. Goodbye permanence.

You may think it’s a little soon for us to be saying goodbye, we don’t leave until May 2017 right? Well, a big goodbye is coming on February 1st. I will stop working at Briaud Financial Advisors, so we can do full-time partnership development. With roughly 12 employees, Briaud has been another family to me for over five and a half years. It will be very hard to say goodbye to these wonderful people who have taught me so much. Pray for a good parting.


  • Pledge: 49%. We’re very close to our 50% year-end goal. We’re deeply thankful to all of you for your support.
  • Family: My parents are in town from Japan right now and will be staying with us some over the upcoming weeks. Pray for a meaningful and fun time of rest together.
  • Prayer: Continue to pray for rest and strength for our family.

Merry Christmas dear friends,

Patrick & Ellen

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