Goodbye Home


Our home for the last 6 years in Bryan, TX

Like a bullet train approaching top speed of 160 miles per hour, our life is changing and accelerating as we move into a season of full-blown transition. Next week we put our house on the market and in roughly three months we’ll feel the rumble of jet engines carrying us off to the land of the rising sun.

And I’m still wondering, how are we going to be ready in time? With support raising, visa clearance, packing, planning and the simplest but hardest part – saying goodbyes – we often feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things to do. But we know from the testimony of those gone before us and from the Word that God will provide.

Prayer and Action Items:

72% of our financial goal. Praise God! We are required to reach 80% by the end of next week. Practical ways you can help:

  • Start your giving commitment. Every dollar that comes in helps tick our support % up.  (e-mail Joyce at if you aren’t sure if this is set up)
  • Pledge financial support 
  • People you know. If you’d like us to share at your small group or with someone else who you think needs to hear about this ministry, now is the time!

House for Sale. Our house will hit the market on February 24th. Just now discovering all the house projects past-self intentionally ignored and stored up for future-self to do. Great.  If you can spare a couple hours between Feb 20th -23rd to help with patching up paint spots, cleaning, or helping with the kids (so we can work!), please let us know! You can click here to sign up for a time slot: Google Doc Sign up Sheet

We’re off to Houston for the Cypress Bible Church Missions Conference February 24-26th, so if you’re in the area, we’d love to see you!

Christ is so worthy,

Patrick & Ellen

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