We are at 100.


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Both Texas and Japan are in the midst of flower celebrations this month, the bluebonnet and the cherry blossom.

How appropriate that in the midst of this Spring celebration we can praise God that we reached 100% pledged support! The prayer is answered. I have to highlight some testimonies of God’s goodness in this process:

  • Three different missionaries decided they wanted to support us even though they are support-raised themselves and we never asked. How encouraging and humbling!
  • Ellen and I have prayed privately and specifically that our support would be in by Mid March. On March 14th we were at 91%, and a family prayed over us that all our support would be in by the end of the week. Guess what? That next morning on March 15th, we received a completely unexpected e-mail and it brought us right to 100% (we didn’t announce this immediately since we needed to wait until the pledge was officially set up)

Praise God! So what does this mean for some of you are are still interested in pledging but haven’t done so yet? Don’t worry, you’re not left out, you can still pledge! Here’s why:

  • Our actual budget ended up higher than our pledge goal, due to higher than expected housing and education costs.
  • Funds beyond our basic budget go toward “wish-list” items such as education/retirement savings and special purchases such as an electric-assisted bike for Ellen (this would be super helpful since a bike is our main mode of transport carrying two boys on the back!)

So what’s next? Well we have all of our clearances now to leave for Japan. We are only waiting for the Visas and then flying out the second week of May, the tail end of cherry blossom season. Please pray for us as we say many goodbyes over these next few weeks.

Bless you all,

Patrick & Ellen

2 thoughts on “We are at 100.

  1. Very excited for the McGinty family. Just heard from your parents today and then found this in my e-mail. Praying for continued blessings as you prepare to go!


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